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Custom Lists

Manga That I Ownby kamiikazeheart

Currently Collecting 33 series. 41 Series Completed. Current number of books is 346.

Manga On My Bookshelfby CreativeJustice

The Dreaming (OEL) Princess Ai: Rumors from the Other Side

Manga I ownby Drixi

Some mangas that I own (Complete, or just parts)

Manga I ownby paganchick

I still have an extremely small collection of physical copies of manga but hope to change that in the near future.

Favorite Mangaby TwilightJester

Favorite manga/novels. (In no particular order.)

Completed Manga to Read, Related to Anime or Mangaby Hime87

Completed Manga I can read. I have seen related Anime or read related Manga. Make sure to check if there is any more Anime or Manga related I need to watch/read.