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Cirque Du Freak

Alt titles: Darren Shan

Cirque Du Freak Cover Image
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Takahiro ARAI Artist
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My Favorite Manga Kai777 3 Dec 17, 2012
all my manga ANIMEamber 17 Sep 3, 2012
manga top 10 ANIMEamber 10 Aug 21, 2012
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iBeatz is reading Cirque Du Freak manga at 7 of 13 volumes
iBeatz is reading Cirque Du Freak
SuperPaukku is reading Cirque Du Freak manga at 4 of 13 volumes
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For centuries, vampires have lurked in the shadows of England's streets. The Hellsing Organization, currently led by Integra Hellsing, has spent centuries fighting these monsters and keeping their existence a secret from the world. Alucard is a vampire sworn to serve Integra and follow Hellsing under her rule; Seras is a fledgling vampire subservient to Alucard, learning about vampire ways while struggling with her own lost mortality. Together they keep England safe from blood-drinking monsters, until a new breed of pseudo-vampire, the Freak, begins attacking people for fun and not to feed. Where are these Freaks coming from and what will Hellsing sacrifice to stop them?

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I noticed a good few similarities between both series other than the fact that both deal with vampires.

Darren Shan and Seras Victora are both turned (each with their own means for it) by a full blooded creature of the night (Mr. Crepsley and Alucard). Both at the first refuse to drink blood, having difficulty excepting the fact that they now must in order to survive. As the series progress both Darren and Seras proove themselves worthy of their vampric blood, and earning approval from both masters.

Another similarity is that both have a war with another type of vampire, once again both with a different idea behind them, but strongly similar in away. For now, we will leave it at that.

An odd thing, is that Mr. Tiny and Alucard remind me of each other. Both are old in time, and have seen many things.. though Mr. Tiny loves his mind games and has a sweet personality at first.. his love for tragedies, blood shed, and mischeif greatly remind me of Alucard.

If you liked one series, you are bond to like the other.

Saiyuki Reload

Saiyuki Reload

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The only thing I can see that both series relate to is a war against the sepcies and four people having to set out on a journey to stop it.

In both series (Cirque Du Freak at some point) the war begins to heat up as each nears their journey, dealing with a few issues along the way. But that is all I can really think of that the series has anything relating to in story method.

The characters, Goku and Darren Shan.. both share a strong connection in emotional points, fighting, etc. Each are put off by killing a friend, and can be somewhat troubled by it. Sanzo and Mr. Crepsley are similar in that leader sort of fashion, though Sanzo reminds me more of a stubborn old school teacher and Mr. Crepsley a parental guardian of some sorts.

There are also a few encounters with celectial beings along the way.

If you enjoyed one, you possibly might enjoy the other.