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Choku! Cover Image
4.062 out of 5 from 70 votes
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Nico TANIGAWA Artist
Nico TANIGAWA Author

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Title Author Score Date
Choku! JAhU 7/10 Nov 25, 2012
rogutus rated the Choku! manga 5/5 stars
BLACKTIGER is reading Choku! manga at 5 of 21 chapters
BLACKTIGER rated the Choku! manga 1.5/5 stars
BLACKTIGER is reading Choku! manga at 3 of 21 chapters

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Witch Craft Works

Witch Craft Works

Honoka Takamiya is a typical teenager; he does his classwork and admires Ayaka, the school idol, who sits next to him in class. But the boy's life changes forever when one day, a piece of the school falls on top of him and he's saved by Ayaka due to... her magical powers?! For Ayaka is a witch, and deeming Honoka to be 'her princess', she is determined to keep the boy safe from harm. Now Honoka must try to stay alive while countless other witches target him, learn more about Ayaka and her craft, and still try to maintain his school life in the process!

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If you liked the female lead in one of those two series, you could try reading the other one as well. While those gals are not exactly the same (one is a pervert while the other is not), their poker faces combined with bizarre behavior and a case of "deep love" (that kind which causes stalkers to be born) make them somewhat similar.