Vol: 8; Ch: 87
4.109 of 5 from 3,695 votes
Rank #1,509

Nineteen-year-old ronin Hideki Motosuwa desires two things more than anything else: a girlfriend, and an expensive humanoid computer (known as a 'persocom'). But with his dead-end job and no financial aid from his parents, owning a persocom seems impossible... until he finds a blond-haired female persocom tied up amongst a pile of trash! After getting her home and figuring out how to activate her, even the computer-illiterate Hideki realizes there is something unusual when it appears she can only say one word - Chii. Is she just broken, or is there more to this persocom than her behavior lets on?

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angelsreviews's avatar by angelsreviews on Oct 21, 2013
Score 8/10

I do have to say, the manga is way better then the anime. Where as the anime was pretty much highly fan based, the manga wasn’t. We get much more in depth to the story instead of playing around with random side stories and the ---ugggg--- panty storyline. Sure we have the little bits of fan service but at least they are done artistically and mostly add to the story, it isn’t outside the storyline... read more

Martenous's avatar by Martenous on Mar 26, 2012
Score 9/10

CHOBITS REVIEW We can love our dog, we can love our cat, hell, we can even love our pet bird but can we love robots?  Chobits is a very unique manga that tries to answer this question.   Art The first thing you will notice is CLAMP's style.  CLAMP's artwork to me seems a bit more simplistic but it is still very appealing and at times CLAMP can draw some amazing images.  I found it took a... read more

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