Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko

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Two poor brothers wearing matching bunny suits are distracted from their lives as street performers by a mysterious young girl and a very phallic train. After hitching a ride, they arrive in an elaborate underwater palace inhabited entirely by females, who "entertain" male guests from above the surface. Aside from the females, there is the Dragon God, and Hiroshi - the sole male member of the tribe who holds a deep-seated grudge about being forced to live in the air ducts! Is there any way for the brothers to return to their terrestrial life, after being swept up in this bizarre world of revenge schemes, court intrigue, and time travel?

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AirCommodore AirCommodore says...

If you enjoyed how completely bizarre either of these manga are, you may enjoy the other. Both have watery settings/characters, a similar sort of visual humor, and will appeal to lovers of the ridiculous.