Children Can't Choose Their Parents

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Mika is a man in love. The lucky girl is named is Fabian; she has pointed, protruding lips and big, round eyes, and Mika's friend Darin can't wait to meet her. However, there's a catch...

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bollier's avatar by bollier on Nov 28, 2010
Score: 6/10

This one-shot is...odd to say the least.  It does end up being funny, and at 9 pages, is just short enough to be funny without getting too disturbing.  The animation is fairly simple.  The characters get the job done.  This one-shot will give you a couple of good laughs in the five minutes it takes to read, so go ahead and enjoy! read more

chii's avatar by chii on Nov 28, 2010
Score: 10/10

Children Can't Choose Their Parents is a wonderful story about forbidden love. How it effects those who are in love and those that are around the strange couple in love. All I can say is you will either be laughing, crying, or disgusted. The surprise ending will keep you on your toes and probably make you ponder a lot of things. read more



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