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Cheese in the Trap - Part 2

Cheese in the Trap - Part 2 Cover Image
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Cheese in the Trap 2010 TBD
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Soon-Ki Artist
Soon-Ki Author

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Torikagoshou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi

Torikagoshou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi

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Usually, I don’t like slice of life manga but these two are exceptions.  Although they mainly follow the daily going-ons of the characters, there is slow burning drama that builds up , delving into psychological conditions and moments of suspense.  A major aspect is the setting which influences the plot and tone of the series.  Some of the suspense (such as gangs or stalkers) comes from city life and the strange residents that live in the same run-down apartment as the heroine.  

Both series feature strong characterization.  The heroine of both of these works are street smart and independent girls living in the city.  The black-haired male leads are similar with their subdued, mysterious personas and dark pasts without being cliche.  There is a very subtle and slow romance between the heroine and the male lead as she grows from outright disliking him to holding some feelings for him but his feelings towards her are rather ambiguous on his end.  The romance is actually quite unconventional between these two characters who have completely different thought processes and may not ever end up together due to incompatibility.  

In both series, there is a bit of a love triangle.  The quiet black-haired male lead and the louder blond one have known each other for a long time before the girl came into the picture.  There is some rivalry between them that the love triangle only exacerbates.  However, the love triangle does not take over the story and it remains in the background usually.  

Character development happens slowly but it is there as each character begins to face his or her problems.  The vivid, unique characters in Cheese and in Torikagoshou are outliers of society and each have their own issues stemming from the past that bleed into their current situation.  The art's clean, simple lines convey emotion so well in these two series. Although both series deal with some heavy stuff, they never feel too depressing thanks to the well thought-out pacing and the humour.