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Cat Street

Cat Street Cover Image
4.386 out of 5 from 763 votes
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Keito Aoyama was a famous child actress until a traumatic event occurred, causing her to retire early. Afterwards, she refused to attend school and successfully shut out all of the people around her. Now, Keito has chosen to spend her days alone, until one day she meets a man who takes her to El Liston, a free school for people like Keito who don't fit in anywhere else. As Keito attempts to overcome her past, she learns to confide in others and befriends Rei, Kouichi, and Momiji. Will her friends be able to help her in this new stage of her life at El Liston, or is it already too late for Keito to start over?


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Youko KAMIO Artist
Youko KAMIO Author

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Title Author Score Date
Cat Street Bessie 9.5/10 Oct 7, 2009
List Title Username Entries Date
favorites Skronkk 15 May 16, 2014
Live action TV series - manga adaptations Youenn 14 Jan 30, 2014
Favorite completed manga wimbley 10 Mar 18, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
Emily's Sexiest Men! emily83 5 Oct 3, 09
Totally Addictive #1: Manga ^^ Bessie 0 Sep 25, 09
star7347 read Cat Street at 8 of 8 volumes
Neiro read Cat Street at 8 of 8 volumes
billfred read Cat Street at 8 of 8 volumes
pupstarstar rated the Cat Street manga 3.5/5 stars
pupstarstar read Cat Street at 8 of 8 volumes

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Kagen no Tsuki

Kagen no Tsuki


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Two awesome mangas that catch you from the very first chapter. Even tags are the same - Shoujo, Drama, Romance, though Kagen no Tsuki has a strong mistery theme. They prove that real love is actually here. The mangas show love and friendship in different ways, right ways.

I just recommend Cat Street and Kagen no Tsuki to everybody.




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As the title says, it focuses on friendships and deals with betrayals in the past. I like the heroine because she's got great spunk and wins everyone over through her good nature (even though she doesn't always gets what she wants...).

In both Cat Street & Tomodachi, forgiveness and understanding is crucial to friendships and being able to move forward in life.

If you like stories on friendships, you might like this one.