Carnivorous Princess Yegrinna

Vol: 5; Ch: 25
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Carnivorous Princess Yegrinna

Shik-nam is a student that's obsessed with his grades and studying, so much so that, for him, solving problems and equations can reach erotic levels. Needless to say, his interest in anything other than his studies is near zero.Then comes a complication. The animal kingdom is furious with what the world has become, so they sent Yegrinna, the dog princess, to punish the sinful humans for dirtying the world by turning them into animals. And out of all the places she appears, it's at our unfortunate protagonist's room.What awaits Shik-nam and Yegrinna now that their fateful meeting has set into motion plans long since in wait?

Source: MU

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andreichekov Dec 30, 2016
Score 8/10

A funny, and charming story. It explores this idea of two kingdoms, and goes into just enough detail to start the imagination going, but it doesn't go far enough to break disbelief. Just the right quantity of detail. The story is fairly simple, and sadly then ending is rushed, felt like it needed 2 more chapters to really have its optimal length, but we can't have everything. ART: The art is beautiful. I'm sad... read more



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