Bunny Drop

Alt titles: Usagi Drop

Vol: 10; Ch: 56
4.265 out of 5 from 1,068 votes
Rank #675
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Daikichi's grandfather dies, leaving behind a young daughter named Rin. However, as most of the family is embarrassed at the idea of a 79-year-old man having a six-year-old child, they can't seem to figure out what to do with her. Disgusted by this behavior, Daikichi decides to take care of her himself, but he's a bachelor, has no idea how to raise a child, and doesn't even like kids! Now, Daikichi must do the normal things a parent does such as enroll her in school, buy her clothing and teach her about the life and world around her. But more importantly, he must also help her deal with her father's death and decide whether or not she should try to find her mother. Together, the two begin their unlikely relationship as father and daughter.

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yasmin09's avatar by yasmin09 on Aug 19, 2011
Score: 7.5/10

Story: The manga revolves around a 30-year old bachelor who decides to take care of the recently found out illegitimate young child of his grandfather, after no one else in his family decides to step up to the responsibility. This follows the developing relationship between the single man Daikichi and child Rin and Daikichi understanding how to be a parent and care for a young child. The story mainly has two... read more

nasreen10's avatar by nasreen10 on Jul 23, 2011
Score: 9/10

Story: I've seen the "single parent suddenly get child" concept done several times in different mediums. However, Usagi Drop does it but with completely different feel. It has two major timelines. The first timeline is mostly slice of life. There is drama but nothing like soap opera. It's mainly Daikichi figuring how to make a family with Rin and the moments and feelings that unfold. The second... read more

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