Breaker: New Waves

Alt titles: The Breaker: New Waves

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Rosario to Vampire Season II

Rosario to Vampire Season II

Tsukune, Moka, Yukari and the others are back, and ready for more adventures at the Youkai Academy. After hunting down a doppelganger, exposing a serial prankster and even dealing with the hassle of joining school clubs, things take a serious turn for the worse: an evil human organization threatens the sanctity of the monster haven, using an innocent girl in the process! With Moka's vampire blood now running through Tsukune's veins and a limiter keeping him from turning into a ghoul, plenty of Moka's sisters now in the picture and a conspiracy around the corner, this year at Youkai Academy will prove to be the most dangerous yet!

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wolfbankai wolfbankai says...

These two titles have many things in common , Both have MC who's trying to be stronger and fighting so much , till becoming one of the strongest characters in the story. Both are manga that continues where prequel left off and also more serious.

One of the biggest differences is that Rosario+Vampire arouses around youkai world while The Breaker is martial arts , so you can expect many epic battles and plot-twists.