Boukun Tyrano-san

Alt title: Miss T-REX Heart


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Non CD Bendersby q2k2k

All Non-CD Gender Bender Last Updated Tuesday, April 2, 2014 If you have any NON-CD that is not listed here, message me on my youtube channel: q2k2k Not included in anime-planet: Blazblue: Remix Heart Kusakabe-kun another Ore to hero to mahou...

Weird/or Mentally Disturbing Mangaby NicoNicoDesu

The title should say it all, but this list contains manga (mostly one-shots, probably) ranging from bizarre to downright scarring. It is kind of in order (the weirdest and most disturbing closer to the top). (Oh, and yes, I completely stole this...

Manga Favouritesby chii

List is not ordered very well