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Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu Cover Image
4.223 out of 5 from 393 votes
Rank #796

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Username Status Vols Ch Rating
ablaze8 Reading     not rated
Accelerator94 Reading 12   not rated
ace Reading     not rated
AdaVayle Reading 12   4 star rating
Airabella Reading 6   not rated
Aislim Reading 6   4 star rating
akariyami Reading 5   5 star rating
AkilaeTribe Reading 9   not rated
ali121121 Reading 7   not rated
amylove Reading     not rated
AniHolic92 Reading     not rated
Antaress Reading 4   4 star rating
aoimizuno Reading 3   not rated
Arcenaux Reading 4   not rated
arirang Reading 6   4 star rating
arumei Reading     not rated
asamiyaoilover Reading 12   not rated
asirence Reading 6   not rated
athenabobena Reading     not rated
atlas7 Reading   2 not rated
Aureliia Reading     not rated
Aylet Reading 4   4 star rating
Babybambam Reading     not rated
bakanene Reading 7   not rated
beepers19 Reading     3.5 star rating
Berg Reading 5   not rated
Beth1075 Reading     not rated
bethanyjordan Reading 8   4 star rating
Blackger Reading 7   3 star rating
BlackWidow666 Reading 5   not rated
blessie17 Reading 12   not rated
bluespark Reading     4 star rating
boridu Reading     not rated
bremarie205 Reading 8   5 star rating
BStar Reading 11   4.5 star rating
bunnyxokole Reading     not rated
Cabi Reading   67 4 star rating
camaronzin Reading 12   4.5 star rating
Cerys Reading     not rated
CherryBLUE Reading     3 star rating
Chiie Reading     3.5 star rating
chiki Reading     not rated
Chinatsumi Reading     5 star rating
Chorchelina Reading 12   4.5 star rating
christa Reading     3 star rating
Christin Reading     not rated
chweenatz Reading 12   not rated
Cidz Reading 12   4.5 star rating
crashstylez Reading     not rated
cystof Reading     not rated