Boku Girl

Vol: 8+; Ch: 79+
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Boku Girl

Mizuki gets confessed to by a boy in front of a special Mirror. Legend has it, that if you confess to someone you like in front of that mirror your wish comes true! There is a slight Problem in this Equation: Mizuki is just a very feminine looking boy. Also it seems that he caught the Attention of the Norse Trickster God Loki while glancing into the Mirror. Loki decides out of boredom to mess with Mizuki and turns him into a real Girl.

Source: MU

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Medievalman22's avatar by Medievalman22 on May 22, 2016
Score 9/10

=^w^= <>Splendid Fun<> =^w^= I am waiting for chapter 76 and in the meantime I decided to write a review that may contain mild spoilers out of boredom. I am not a patient man... (╥﹏╥). Boku Girl is the first manga created by Sugito Akira, I think he has done exceptionally well, perhaps to make a good impression or something.
Currently I do believe... read more

apollo540's avatar by apollo540 on Aug 4, 2014
Score 10/10

10/10 (so far) 1.) Good, consistent artwork. 2.) Funny situations and characters. 3.) A nice diversity of characters. 4.) A good ecchi. This is a manga following Suzushiro, a guy who is unfortunately feminine in appearence. Loki, the god of mischef, has grown bored of pranking the other gods in Asgard as they have learned to wave off her (Loki is a girl in this manga) antics. Upon seeing Suzushiro while... read more



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