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Boarding House of Hunks

Boarding House of Hunks Cover Image
  • Vol: 17; Ch: 89
  • 2006
3.306 out of 5 from 146 votes
Rank #4,832

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1r3n3i7z8i Reading     not rated
2sakura3 Reading     5 star rating
ahhitsrachel Reading 16   not rated
Airabella Reading     not rated
aleen318 Reading 17   5 star rating
amuiko Reading 11   not rated
amukid08 Reading 17   not rated
AnimeGamer31 Reading 17   4 star rating
BakaKamaruxD Reading   21 3.5 star rating
bizysoftball Reading     4 star rating
chiaki13 Reading     not rated
Christy Reading     not rated
cjroman Reading 3   not rated
dragons126 Reading 12   4 star rating
Editukx Reading     not rated
EmoTeddy Reading 13   not rated
Feenyx Reading 12   4.5 star rating
Geezy Reading     not rated
ichigopochi Reading 1   2 star rating
jaysah925 Reading     not rated
JK81 Reading     not rated
KamuiShiro Reading 2   not rated
Kandyy Reading 17   not rated
Kimmm Reading 5   not rated
krazynics Reading     not rated
LalwenLiel Reading 14   4 star rating
lilneish Reading     not rated
lilwheel1 Reading     not rated
Lovac Reading 11   3.5 star rating
lunasan Reading     5 star rating
melaniaraducu Reading     not rated
Monika1616 Reading   34 2.5 star rating
morfire16 Reading     3.5 star rating
mysoliloquy93 Reading 7   not rated
Neefree Reading 17 12 3 star rating
nekoPari Reading   4 not rated
Nikkuchan Reading 1   not rated
Pievu Reading 6   not rated
puchonacho Reading 17   not rated
redriverandra Reading     4.5 star rating
rvidya93 Reading     not rated
Sachiko91 Reading 16   3 star rating
scattercreekred Reading 13   5 star rating
Sirlama Reading 17   not rated
Sophie2406 Reading     not rated
sorcerer101 Reading 17   4 star rating
ssgirl32091 Reading 1   not rated
TaigaDee Reading 17   not rated
TeamEdwardElric Reading     not rated
ToumaMinami Reading     5 star rating