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Blue (Naoki YAMAMOTO)

Blue (Naoki YAMAMOTO) Cover Image
2.256 out of 5 from 89 votes
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Naoki YAMAMOTO Artist
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Title Author Score Date
Blue (Naoki YAMAMOTO) hamletsmage 3/10 Jun 17, 2011
Blue (Naoki YAMAMOTO) fenrishunter500 3/10 Mar 19, 2011
MaybesKNC wants to read Blue (Naoki YAMAMOTO)
Ogux rated the Blue (Naoki YAMAMOTO) manga 3/5 stars
Ogux rated the Blue (Naoki YAMAMOTO) manga 3.5/5 stars
Ogux read Blue (Naoki YAMAMOTO) at 1 of 1 volumes
undertaker667 won't read Blue (Naoki YAMAMOTO)

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Three ‘believers’ – two men and a woman – live on a deserted island as part of a special program. Their goal is to co-habitate and learn how to purify themselves from the outside, evil world under the teachings of Master. From day to day they remind themselves of his words and purge their vile thoughts, but soon two of them begin to discover a better, yet ‘wrong’, way to pass the time. However, Master’s teachings are absolute, and their actions won’t go unnoticed...

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While Believers has a much more thorough plot than 197X, both of these works by the same mangaka do share one thing: very strong borderline H content. It doesn't kick in in Believers for awhile, but both of these involve sexual exploration and are equally as inappropriate for a young audience.

The Family Zoo

The Family Zoo

The Suzuki family runs a zoo with a difference – they themselves are the animals! With father elephant trying to maintain order by squirting everyone with water and mother giraffe attempting to keep the peace, poor decrepit old grandpa is relegated to a small hut and acts as the toilet. One day however, their family dynamic is set to change when the true nature of living by the laws of the jungle rears its ugly head…

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If you enjoyed either 197X or The Family Zoo then you might want to consider reading the other. Both are essentially about sexual awakenings, and can both leave you feeling rather dirty after reading them.