Blaue Rosen

Alt title: Ai o Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!



ShinyKamui's avatar By on Aug 26, 2015

right now there is only one other review for this manga and i know that some readers are confused to what happened in the first few chapters since it moved rather quickly.

so let me start off by explaining the plot to this manga series. the main Character, Mizuki goes to an all girls school and she is part of a band. she has alwys pride herself in being cool and having a "prince" title within her school. she is not attracted to other girls, she just finds it fun to play the role of "prince". meanwhile a cute looking guy named Akira wants to join her girl band, and he goes to an all boy school where the students there title him "princess", unlike Mizuki, Akira doesn't like being thought of as simular to the other gender. however he will act like a girl if it means getting in her band and getting near Mizuki.

this series is very Gender Bender. i think that's where a reader might get confused if they don't know much of the Gender Bender genre. this series sort of plays on the roles of gender and i found it to be quite funny. then again, i've seen so much shojo manga where the main couple is a small cute looking girl and a tall musclar pretty guy, that i think it helps me appreciate the humor in this set-up.

with that said, is this manga amazing?.. no not really. i've found it to be quite funny but this series isn't for everyone. half the time it can feel like you are reading shouji-ai and shounen-ai since there are girls hitting on Mizuki and guys hitting on Akira, quite often.

the art work is very nice and i love how the artist can draw akira to be girly at times and then manly at times. same with Mizuki. 

it's funny but if it wasn't for the gender bender roles, this would be of a typical shoujo manga. but the gender bender is a huge part of the series so i can't blame it for that.

the romance part of the series is major but i find i like the comedy portion much more..since Akira is a bit too pervy and pushy sometimes...then again this series is a bit on the "smut" genre side so it doesn't surprise me.

overall i enjoyed this series, it's just not for everyone.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
Layenna's avatar By on Apr 18, 2012

I have only read the first chapter, but i decided to drop it because in my eyes it didn't make sense to me.

The main issue i had was that in the descriptions of Blaue Rosen that i read, it said that a guy was supposed to be joining a girls band, but to me it just looks like it's a guy dressing like a girl to join a guys band. The art is good, but all of the "girls" just look like boys. Yeah, they're good looking, but more handsome than cute. This had potential to be a very interesting story, and in my opinion if you just change around some of the context you could make it so that it was a girl trying to join a boys band to sing with the one she loves (or throw in a twist and have it a boy dressing as a girl). 

Regardless of anything, i cannot further read this because of the way the characters were depicted even though they don't match their gender the slightest.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
3/10 overall