Vol: 10
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Killy is a wanderer in a vast technological wasteland known as the Megastructure. His mission is to find a human with net terminal genes to prevent the collapse of the Netsphere, a virtual realm under control of the Authority. His long, desolate journeys are punctuated by brutal encounters with silicon creatures bent on annihilating humanity; cyborgs intent on infiltrating the Netsphere; and the builders, massive machines that mindlessly add to the chaos of the Megastructure. His only protection is an incredibly powerful gun known as a gravitational beam emitter, which he never hesitates to unleash on his enemies. Will Killy be able to find net terminal genes amidst the scattered human tribes, or is the Netsphere doomed to failure?

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sabasebatyne's avatar by sabasebatyne on Jan 20, 2011
Score: 8/10

BLAME! is an excellent example of manga as art. It is one of a few series (Ghost in the Shell included) with themes of existentialism and the consequences of technological advancement that don't feel too heavy-handed in exposition and story development. The pacing of the story is wonderful, to my mind, feeling very deliberate; the impatient or less genereous would call it... read more

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