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Bikou Root

Bikou Root Cover Image
3.145 out of 5 from 81 votes
Rank #5,386


Ichiko Yoshizumi is in love with Arashi-sempai, a gorgeous fellow student who's in the popular band Indecent. After accidentally injuring his right hand she swears she'll do whatever it takes until he heals - an offer Arashi uses to his full advantage. From sewing a button on his shirt to making him bentos for lunch, Ichiko must now complete the most mundane of tasks for her secret crush - but all she wants is for him to feel the same way about her. Will Ichiko's popular and handsome prince ever fall for a lowly girl such as herself?

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Mitsuba TAKANASHI Artist
Mitsuba TAKANASHI Author

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One Shot I've read punkypoison 83 Apr 15, 2011
amandin won't read Bikou Root
fuzzyirulz read Bikou Root at 1 of 1 chapters
SANC16 won't read Bikou Root
ideea wants to read Bikou Root
kirawolf rated the Bikou Root manga 2/5 stars

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