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Bijin Doroboru

Bijin Doroboru Cover Image
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Everyone admires Mizuki Shinonome. She's super fashionable and always has the cutest makeup and hair styles, but deep down Mizuki is hiding an embarrassing secret: she's actually a very plain girl who gets up at 5 AM each morning to make herself look perfect for the day! While Mizuki is currently dating the gorgeous Satoru-kun, she must also deal with the fact that the son of her father's company manager, Odagiri, is staying in their house. All Mizuki wants to do is hide her secret from everyone so she can remain beautiful, but soon Odagiri tries to help her realize that what's underneath is what matters...

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Ryuu YUUHI Artist
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jojovonjo read Bijin Doroboru at 1 of 1 chapters
xHarukax read Bijin Doroboru at 1 of 1 chapters
xHarukax read Bijin Doroboru at 1 of 1 chapters
xHarukax read Bijin Doroboru at 1 of 1 chapters
xHarukax read Bijin Doroboru at 1 of 1 chapters

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Kare Kano

Kare Kano

Yukino Miyazawa appears to be the perfect high school student. She is at the top of her class and the envy of all her classmates, but no one knows that things are not what they seem. When at home, Yukino is spoiled, slovenly, stubborn, and spends every spare minute studying to keep her place at the top; so when she's knocked from the top by Soichiro Arima, she vows to destroy him. One day Soichiro tells Yukino he likes her, but she quickly turns him down since him falling for her means she's ‘won.' Soon after, Soichiro discovers that Yukino's prim and proper attitude is a facade and blackmails her into doing some of his school work. Yukino gets fed up with the situation and stands up to Soichiro, causing him to apologize and re-declare his true love for her after learning what Yukino is really like. Yukino has also fallen for the real Soichiro after his confession of also having to play the role of the perfect student. Together they decide to stop pretending and learn how to be themselves.

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Both are about girls who try really hard to be the best. Weather it's in everything like Kare Kano or just beauty in Bijin Doroboru. It takes a man to come into their lives to make them change. Bijin Doroboru is more light hearted and sexy where Kare Kano is more thought provoking and focuses on the relationship. I'd suggest reading both.