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Beyond the Beyond

Alt titles: Sono Mukou no Mukougawa

Beyond the Beyond Cover Image
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Futaba Kudou is sick and tired of his family; as the youngest of his siblings he's considered the baby of the group and is constantly hounded over his cell phone. Things change one day when a girl suddenly falls out of the sky. Her name is Kiara, and she's an Amaranthine - a special plant that blooms in the land of the fairies and is rumored to have the power to grant wishes. Her magical abilities can only manifest once she is joined with her master, and she believes Futaba to be that person! However, as it turns out Futaba is not Kiara's master; and after a brief battle with an evil sorcerer that's after Kiara's powers, Futaba finds himself transported into a magical world filled with wonder. Together, the two agree to travel together to find Kiara's real master, making new friends along the way such as Bel-Bel the bunny wizard and Virid the prince. Can they find Kiara's master, or will the monsters and demons out for Kiara find them first?

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Yoshitomo WATANABE Artist
Yoshitomo WATANABE Author

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Both manga involve a group of people travelling through a different world to try and find someone, whilst having fights using magic and running from magical creatures.




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Both MAR and Beyond the Beyond are about a boy who gets transported to another world through a portal made by someone from that world. And when they arrive, both meet companions who are taken with them, as well as one that treats them like a servant (Babbo/BelBel).

Unfortunately, Beyond the Beyond is much shorter and slightly less action-packed, but chances are, if you like one, you'll like the other!