Vol: 37+; Ch: 337+
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Born beneath the gallows tree from which his dead mother hung, Guts has always existed on the boundary between life and death. After enduring a terrible childhood, he spends his adulthood in brutal combat, pitting his strength against others in order to build his own. Life is simple enough for Guts until he meets Griffith, the inspirational, ambitious, and beautiful leader of the mercenaries, the Band of the Hawk. When Guts loses to Griffith in a duel, he is forced to join the Band of the Hawk, and, despite himself, finds a sense of camaraderie and belonging amongst them. However, as Griffith leads his soldiers from victory to victory, the bloody wars and underhanded politics reveal a side to him that nobody quite expected. Very soon, what seems like a straightforward march for conquest becomes a harrowing struggle for humanity and life itself. Can Guts, a simple warrior, defend those who have come to mean the most to him, all the while struggling not to lose to the darkness he has carried with him his entire life?

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TheMajor5's avatar by TheMajor5 on Jan 28, 2010
Score: 10/10

The Godfather of all fantasy manga.  Berserk is considered one of the most enjoyable, mind-expanding, creative pieces of art introduced to the manga world.  There is hardly any analogy I can think of that could compare to its greatness.  Well it’s like Candyland made real or a real money tree growing in your yard.  It's one those things that just takes the words out of your mouth... read more

thor123's avatar by thor123 on Nov 15, 2014
Score: 9.8/10

Ah, Berserk... I guess this is a manga that won't need an introduction, does it? It's just a great fantasy/action/adventure story (golden age arc is extremely good), good character development and drawings that can be real pieces of art.  The only problem is that there hasn't been a new chapter for a while now, and there is barely any hope for a decent ending within our lifespans.  All in all, a... read more

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