JtkBasketball's avatar By JtkBasketball on Oct 7, 2012

Beelzebub is a great manga that gets you hooked instantly. I read the first chapter and did not think too much of it, but then by chapter 5 I could not stop reading. So here I am 4 days later having read the whole series now. 

Story: The story in Beelzebub is really good. High school delinquent Oda has been chosen to raise the son of the demon king. He is a bad-ass character who beats up everyone in sight. Oda goes to an all delinquent school where there is trouble around every corner. The story itself goes a few different ways. The first twenty chapters have Oda only being cruel and there are some sweet fights. Then the story starts to take on longer arcs and the difference in power between some characters seems questionable at times, but that is just me nit picking. The one thing that continues throughout the entire manga is the comedy. I have never read such a funny manga. I was constantly laughing out loud and embarrassing myself. The balance in this manga is what makes it great. The fights are amazing and very serious, but the comedy aspect is always present and only adds to the moment. I really enjoyed everything this manga had to offer.

Art: The art is cool and looks good. It is not amazing, but it is done very well. The characters look great, and everything is clear. The fights are shown well and easy to follow. I really enjoy the facial expressions that are used throughout. Some of the faces are really funny or really scary or intense. There are also some creatures or demons that are really well designed and look great. The art never cuts corners in this manga and it shows.

Characters: The characters are excellent in Beelzebub. There are many many characters and they are all unique. Every character is unique and has a cool story to them. Looking back it is funny because out of all of the delinquents in this show, none of them were shown to be poor. You got every kind of character you could ask for in this show: demons, babies, baby demons, rich, yakuza, swordsman, oblivious, hot-headed, guys with pigtails, girls who are guys, rival schools. Just about anything you can think of. I love the characters, even the villains.

Overall: This manga was addicting and very fun. It has awesome fights, and ridiculously funny parts. If you are looking for a unique manga that is action packed and full of comedy then this is for you. Love everything about this manga :D

9/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
Anudevil13's avatar By Anudevil13 on Nov 15, 2013

Simply put - Best Action Comedy out there, I can say this proudly after reading over 100 Manga and watching 150 anime..

Despite being not liked by many, for me beelzebub is an all time favorite for me and will remain as it.

So what do we have here?, Story is set in Ishiyama high -the nations biggest deliquent school. A teen named Oga Tatsumi who is ridiculously strong Deliquent is contracted by the Demon King's Child- Baby bell(Kaizer De Emperana Beelzebub the 4th) as its Parent in living world. So he can Grow up and destroy all humanity.

The story follows on how oga raises the child with many hardships along with Hildegarde- Demon Maid. First few chapters are solely  based on oga trying to ditch Baby beel on someone stronger then him, but is always failing, Then as manga progresses he starts appearing as a caring parent.

 The manga is filled with action and Comedy along with a teaspoon of Romance.

Read as how oga goes on Quest to become king of deliquents and save then humanity from its impending doom.

Art- Artwork of manga is good. Characters have their unique characteristics which make them stand out. Fight scenes are clear and detailed. And best thing about art in beelzebub is character faces. They can make u burst in laughter or Scare the very soul in you .

Characters-  The selling point of beelzebub is its awesome cast.

We got badass fighter Oga Tatsumi, a Big boobied Gothic lolita- Hilda, A cute yet dangerous baby- Baby beel, An elegant sword fightwer who is head over heels towards main char- Kunieda, A man dense and tough as tree- Toujou and last but not the  least , A Yakuza head in waiting, a Girl gang and a Billionare guy

Overall: This manga was addicting and very fun. It has awesome fights, and ridiculously funny parts. Read it and will be worth every second spent on it!

Highly recommended for all

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
ElderSword's avatar By ElderSword on May 6, 2014

What can i say about beelzebub? It  was very good even though it lacked, in my mind, any true storyline. However, it was extremely hilarious. The fight scenes were amazingly well done and i somhow fell for the characters.

there is quite a bit of violence and much mention of demonic powers so those that find that offensive may wish to steer clear.

Grade: A-

Recommended: 90%

6/10 story
8/10 art
9/10 characters
8.8/10 overall