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Tanaka Yukio is bored with life; he lives unremarkably from day-to-day, never doing anything to make himself stand out. With barely any presence, no social life and an embarrassingly bland taste in music, Yukio doesn't have much going for him. However, after a chance meeting with the outspoken rocker Ryusuke and his peculiar dog, Yukio's dull existence changes forever. He receives an old guitar, begins to learn how to play and is discovered as a talented singer, earning him a way into the new band Beck. As Yukio begins to shred his way to the top alongside his outrageous band members, will he be able to transform from an awkward and nervous young boy into a man worthy of being an idol, and will it be enough to muster up the courage to confess to his old friend Izumi? One thing's for sure: it's time for him to make a stand, on stage and in life!

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Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Beck TV 2004 Anime Adaptation
Name Role
Harold SAKUISHI Artist
Harold SAKUISHI Author

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Title Author Score Date
Beck Lewa 10/10 Aug 4, 2011
Beck MugenNeS 10/10 Dec 31, 2010
List Title Username Entries Date
Favourite Mangas fuzzyirulz 16 Dec 8, 2013
My Top 10 Manga (No particular order) Gekikara 10 Oct 31, 2013
For My Bookshelf MisyRose 14 Jun 24, 2013
aqualin read Beck at 34 of 34 volumes
trottolina read Beck at 34 of 34 volumes
Gekikara rated the Beck manga 4.5/5 stars
Gekikara read Beck at 34 of 34 volumes

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Moritaka Mashiro feels as if life is passing him by; with no dreams or motivation, he simply trudges through his day-to-day life. One day, after leaving his notebook behind, he returns to school only to find the smartest guy in class, Takagi, waiting for him. Takagi is happy to return the book, but only on the condition that Mashiro agrees to become a mangaka with him. Though Mashiro initially declines, he soon decides to reconsider when he discovers that the girl he likes, Azuki, dreams of becoming a voice actress. But after promising that she can have the lead role if their manga is ever adapted into an anime, he inadvertently suggests that they get married once they are both successful! Shockingly, she agrees to the proposal and Mashiro and Takagi embark on their quest to become manga artists. With Takagi writing and Mashiro drawing, does the pair have what it takes to succeed and get their manga serialized?

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Both mangas are inspirational, serious stories about a young boys striving to achieve their dreams.  Both main characters are slightly shy, but very dilligent, and dedicated to the work they do. The main difference is that Beck is about forming a rock band and Bakuman is about drawing a manga.

Both titles have very unusual romance,  that doesn't take the center stage, since that spot is reserved for "achieving goals". Both are very detailed in portraying what hardships awaits those, that want to try their skills at those fields of work (manga and music).



Shuichi Shindou’s only interest is music, and as one half of the high school rock band ‘Bad Luck’ he plans to take the music world by storm! However, following a chance encounter with a strange man who informs him that his lyrics are terrible, Shuichi begins to wonder if he’s really as talented as he thinks. Intent on tracking down this mystery man, Shuichi soon discovers that his critic is none other than Eiri Yuki – a highly talented and famous writer. While Eiri seems to have little more than disdain for the hapless rock star wannabe, Shuichi soon finds himself falling for the handsome author. Though with Eiri’s abrupt manner, and Shuichi not even knowing the first thing about him, it will be a bumpy path to happiness. As he attempts to make it big in the world of music, will Shuichi be able to learn more about the man he’s fallen for and gain his love in return? 

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 Both have very good band stories and romance! Also both are about being in the band life. :)