Battle Royale

Vol: 15; Ch: 119
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Battle Royale

Reality TV has hit a new and disturbingly graphic low with ‘The Program,' a television series in which a purposely chosen ninth-grade class is forced to fight to the death on a remote island. With only minimal survival gear and a random weapon, each student must survive and kill their friends until only one winner remains; if the group refuses to play, all of its members are killed by the electronic collars around their necks. Girlfriends and boyfriends betray each other, friends are brutally slain by their closest companions and alliances are made and broken. On screen for the world to see, only the strongest will survive this horrific, sadistic game...

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Thrawn Oct 25, 2012
Score 9/10

Story: Brutal, gory, remorseless, violent. All part of the underage student killing glory. Student killing, you say? How could a government do such a thing? It's explained, and the series does a good amount of explaining about the program itself and the government that conducts it. Have to give it props for explaining the ones pulling the strings. Dat violence, but I'll tell ya this; it's not all... read more

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BrassOrchids Mar 19, 2013
Score 4/10

This manga came highly recomended to me by a friend but I didn't see much value in it. Essentially, a group of kids gets put on an island and must kill eachother for the pleasure of the masses. One boy, our main character, decides to reject the game entirely and be the good guy. We follow Shuuya the protagonist. He's always doing the right thing, and more, it always works. He never has to make any tough... read more

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