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Bambino! Cover Image
  • Vol: 15; Ch: 164
  • 2005
4.256 out of 5 from 69 votes
Rank #679


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Manga Name Year Relation Type More Info
Bambino! Secondo 2009 TBD
Name Role
Tetsuji SEKIYA Artist
Tetsuji SEKIYA Author

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borgan rated the Bambino! manga 3/5 stars
rngrkrry wants to read Bambino!
Jasharth rated the Bambino! manga 4/5 stars
Jasharth read Bambino! at 15 of 15 volumes
Jasharth is reading Bambino! manga at 164 of 164 chapters

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Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki no Soma
  • Vol: 7+; Ch: 67+
  • 2012 - ?

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Fundamentally, they're completely different. Bambino focuses on Italian cuisine and delves into a restaurant's inner clockwork, from the main floor servers to the kitchen cooking while Shokugeki no Soma spreads it's wings with Japanese cooking, Italian and about a half dozen other nation cuisines.

Nevertheless, both focus on food and it does that exceptionally well. You can just see the passion pour from the page as meals and prepared foods are presented with gorgeous art and scrumptious descriptions, and some of those descriptions go on for lines, about the food and even some history about the ingredients from time to time. Pretty sure this is research done right.

These two are some real good food manga, character development and comedy occur with some real good bouts of intensity but first and foremost are the chefs and the meals they prepare with the soul within both. Doesn't get much better than these two.