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B. Ichi

B. Ichi Cover Image
2.687 out of 5 from 41 votes
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Atsushi OOKUBO Artist
Atsushi OOKUBO Author

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List Title Username Entries Date
manga list 3+ YamiRin 2267 Feb 2, 2014
Fav Manga HexaSept 10 Aug 29, 2013
Manga I Own (Complete/Incomplete/Up to Date) ZaraAFJ 39 Sep 21, 2011
Sarge128 stalled B. Ichi at 2 of 4 volumes
Flamnery rated the B. Ichi manga 5/5 stars
Flamnery read B. Ichi at 4 of 4 volumes
KuuKiiDorei stalled B. Ichi manga at 3 of 4 volumes
KuuKiiDorei stalled B. Ichi

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Shaman King

Shaman King

Every five hundred years, the Shaman Fight takes place to choose the Shaman King - the strongest of the shamans. Now, the time has come once more for the Shaman Fight, and shamans from around the world have gathered in modern-day Tokyo to compete. One such competitor, Yoh Asakura, is determined to become the Shaman King. Together with his friends and his partner spirit, Amidamaru, Yoh sets forth on a journey to decide who is the strongest and most worthy to become the Shaman King.

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The characters in both series have alot in common and even the main hero feels excactly the same. The story is also based on old friends/rivals who eventuaaly end up fighting. Even though B.Ichi still has an open ending you'll enjoy every single bit of the other manga.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater

In a bizarre fantasy world, students known as meisters are trained at the illustrious Shinigami Weapon Meister University; but the tools they wield are no ordinary weapons! Each meister is paired with a human-like being who can transform into a weapon at will; and after defeating a pre-kishin - a human whose soul has darkened - the weapon eats the soul within it. A meister's ultimate goal is to collect ninety-nine pre-kishin souls and one of a witch so that his or her partner will become an all-powerful Death Scythe. Maka and her partner Soul Eater; Assassin Black Star and his partner Demon Blade Tsubaki; and Shinigami's son Death the Kid and his partners the Demon Twin Pistol Thompson Sisters each vie for their ultimate goal, but plenty of challenges and adventures lie in their way!

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Both manga's are from the same author and have very similar characters. It's obvious to see that some characters in Soul Eater are based on characters from B.ichi.

The story reminds me of Shaman king and even the main character has alot in common with Yoh from Shaman king. However the story is completely different and the enemies and characters he meet are very unique and likeable. Surely you'll like the other manga if you have read this one.

It's sad that it's so unpopular when it's such a interesting manga. Perhaps it's because the author chose to use it as base for Soul eater instead of continueing this series.