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2.686 out of 5 from 40 votes
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In ancient times, the Gaius School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was created by the power of two wizards; and to this day, it trains the most talented children in the arts of the sword and the spell. Red-haired Lewin Randit is a very untypical Gaius student - with no apparent magical talent, he's been accepted into the school of swordsmanship, but with little skill he's the constant target of jokes from his peers. However, Lewin holds a deep secret that both he and his friends will soon discover, leading him to a new path of magic and adventure. Together with wizardry apprentices Chris and Soela, Lewin experiences the challenges, monster encounters and delights that accompany the life of a Gaius student!

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manga list 3+ YamiRin 2268 Feb 2, 2014
Ittermat is reading Aventura manga at 2 of ? volumes
Ittermat is reading Aventura
stormyclouds rated the Aventura manga 2/5 stars
stormyclouds dropped Aventura
WhiteWolfKyoko rated the Aventura manga 4/5 stars

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