Attack on Titan

Alt titles: Shingeki no Kyojin



Nozarashi's avatar By on Apr 30, 2015

This review is for those who've first seen anime, and now are unsure if should they wait for second season (2016), or read manga. Of course, there's enough for those jumping into manga first in this review as well.

As someone coming from anime, you can jump straight in where Mikasa cuts titan's fingers (Spoiler avoiding). It flows from there, into an much deeper, and darker story line. 
Whole universe of AoT is quite interesting, and I'd say it's a refreshing twist on Humanity survival. 
There's A LOT that we don't know yet, and vague stories/ rumors that pass trough the chapters really keep you wondering.
I will assume that, what we've got up until chapter 68, is material for season 2 of Anime.

First thing you'll see, is the poor artwork. I disagree with the other review, which gave it a 10/10. I try to grade/compare individual pieces fairly, while the overall score represents how much i enjoyed the content. 
Shading and characters faces are below average, while titans are a bit better. Half the time you'll have to turn back the page and re-watch it several times to even understand what's going on. Character faces aren't done in the same style as in the anime, but neither are they done in some form of standard. They all look.. ugly.

I suggest reading it, both to fresh, and out-of-anime fans. 

8/10 story
4/10 art
5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
erwindesmond's avatar By on Jun 23, 2013

This has no spoilers at al! 

Shingeki no kyojin or Attack on titan is in my opinion one of the best mangas released in the time being.

The overal story fits and there are no big or notisable holes ( like idk wrrong dates or the place names of a battle and stuff ) also the story goed togeter verry well the characters are well chosen the preset is wel done. And i think this kind of manga is pretty new becauze  i havent read anything like this ( cant explain wel or itl be spoiled ), just trust me and take a look at the first 3-5 volumes.

The Art/Desighbn/Drawings in this anime are astaunding the gore/scenery/character detail and even the effects are well drawn by a profecional the Titans are well detailed to the skin even the weapons are verry detailed.

its like when u look at the drawings and read the manga you are gettign drawn into it wanting to read more becauze u want to see more and know whats comming. Thads another noricable thing this manga really likes clifhangers ive read 27 volunes if this manga in one day becauzr i wanted to know more!.


Read volume 3-5 to see basicly the story and stuff becauze 1-2 arent realt IT.

Also if you didnt knew yet this manga has an anime under the same name shingeki no kyojin whitch was part of the WINTER-spring 2013 anime release and as of this revieuw stil ongoing check it out its exactly the same as the manga.

If you would like and not read this you can watch my video where i will speak ( whit my monotone voice like Io from an anime i cant remember )

9/10 story
10/10 art
8.4/10 characters
8/10 overall