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Ashita no Kimi wa Koko ni Inai

Ashita no Kimi wa Koko ni Inai Cover Image
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Kotetsuko YAMAMOTO Artist
Haruhi SAKIYA Author

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I Love Theseeeeeeee, Read Them!!! mx3288 13 Nov 11, 2013
Favorite Yaoi Manga Larkawolfgirl 39 Jan 21, 2012
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  • Vol: 2; Ch: 8
  • 1998

Ichiru Morio is a typical teenage boy; at least that’s what he’d have his friends believe. In reality, the seventeen year-old is entirely disinterested in girls and simply feigns it in front of his peers. While he is seemingly happy to carry on this façade, a chance meeting with the new chemistry teacher – Yoshitaka Saeki – soon begins to stir up new desires in the young boy. Though, while finally discovering who he is proves trouble enough to deal with, wrestling with his feelings for the cold and emotionless Yoshitaka makes it all the more difficult. Will Ichiru give in and settle for a casual physical relationship with the handsome man, or will his naivety and persistence melt the teacher’s icy heart?

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These are both about student-teacher relationships where the teacher has a bad personality but the student is desperately in love.  If you like one, you'll like the other.