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Antique Bakery

Antique Bakery Cover Image
  • Vol: 4; Ch: 19
  • 2000
3.756 out of 5 from 267 votes
Rank #2,778


Tachibana is an heir to a huge and successful corporation. He can speak five languages, play musical instruments, and has even passed the bar exam, so naturally he's now... running a bakery?! At the Antique Bakery, Ono, known as the ‘Gay of demonic charm' is serves as the head patissier; ex-boxing pro Eiji works as Ono's apprentice; and Tachibana's bumbling henchman and shadow, Chikage, helps out to the best of his rather limited abilities. As a carefree ladies man, Tachibana is always ready to turn on the charm if it means getting a sale, though aside from his love of women, no one really knows why the grandson of a successful businessman would suddenly decide to open a bakery. Could a traumatic event in Tachibana's past have anything to do with why he set up shop?

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Antique Bakery TV 2008 Anime Adaptation
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Title Author Score Date
Antique Bakery atticusblackwolf 8.5/10 Feb 28, 2010
tatiiz02 read Antique Bakery at 4 of 4 volumes
Caffienated027 read Antique Bakery at 4 of 4 volumes
sirensong wants to read Antique Bakery
Shiomi83 won't read Antique Bakery
agentadamsx is reading Antique Bakery manga at 2 of 4 volumes

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Anyone who loves food and Fumi Yoshinaga's work should pick both of these series up. Both Antique Bakery and Not Love but Delicious Foods Make Me Happy focus on eating establishments and human interaction. While Not Love is geared more towards the food than Antique if you enjoy the subtle humour and salivating nosh on each page, then try out both of these.

Ristorante Paradiso

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Both of these manga series focus on attractive staff in an eating establishment and the interaction between the characters. While Antique Bakery is more homoerotic, and Ristorante more focused on elder gentlemen, both have a similar vibe to them with romantic overtones and a more mature style.