Anne-chan Tarou

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veryanonymous's avatar by veryanonymous on Oct 2, 2014
Score: 8.5/10

Anne-Chan Tarou is an one-shot by Fukushima Teppei.   The length of this one-shot is 50 pages, within this 50 page, the it filled with cutely drawing, and amazing female lead in my opinion.  I will not spoiled this one-shot for you so you got to read this on your own time.  It is very quick read and the story is not complicated. Story: The story itself very cute-ish.  Ichinose Tarou is... read more

JAhU's avatar by JAhU on Oct 21, 2012
Score: 8/10

The short version: Awww! It's short and cute. Makes you want to smile. Go read it yourself. Long version: The male lead is a middle schooler, he's at the age where he thinks that "girls are lame". As a part of a festival in a nearby shrine, he is to preform with a girl (breaking a snow statue representing a demon) and for the reasons mentioned above he isn't too happy about that. The girl is... read more


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