Vol: 10; Ch: 56
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Cooro is a +Anima: a person with animal characteristics. The +Anima dwell amongst ordinary humans but are ostracized, hated, and enslaved. Cooro, brought up as an orphan, goes on a quest to find more +Anima and to gain acceptance in a world that is fearful of anything different. With Husky, Senri and Nana at his side, Cooro sets off on a trip around the world, having adventures, making friends, and searching for his own identity. But as they become more entangled in various plots and the churning backgrounds of each +Anima, will they be able to maintain their friendship, as well as their safety?

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DuskFey's avatar
DuskFey Feb 16, 2013
Score 7.5/10

Manga in 200 Words: +Anima

Premise: Children who go through traumatic experiences occasionally transform and gain animal abilities perfectly suited to their immediate needs. An unlikely group of +anima forms and explores the world together.

Art: Kawaii! +Anima is unabashedly cute, and it helps to offset some of the darker themes in the series.

Characters: Honestly, out of the main four... read more

Kingofthekickasses's avatar
Kingofthekickasses Jul 31, 2016
Score 9.4/10

I didn't think i would but this is a great Manga! The story isn't nothing special but i agree that this need a anime BADLY and i mean BADLY! I was sad to see this ended so soon, but i will finish this manga soon and probably make another review telling everyone how i felt about the stories ending. read more



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