Angel's Coffin

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
3.302 out of 5 from 79 votes
Rank #5,165
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The once powerful god Seto has been sealed away for centuries with no hope of escape; that is, until the demon Baphomet makes him a deal: he will be set free if he promises to bring tragedy to the first human he sees. His victim is the naïve Baroness Marie Vetsera, who believes Seto when he offers to grant her wish as a reward for breaking the seal on the book in which he was imprisoned. She is in love with the Crown Prince of Austria, Rudolf, but he is far above her station and married to another woman. Baphomet wants him to use Marie’s desire for the Prince so he can feed on her misery, but Seto is having second thoughts about hurting an innocent girl for his freedom, especially when he begins to fall in love with her...

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Blackwolff's avatar by Blackwolff on Sep 22, 2011
Score: 10/10

Angel's coffin... At first i had my doubts because it sounded a little weird. but then i read it... it suprised me. even though its a short story. i loved it. sure it depends on each person's veiw but still. the peopl who made this blending so much into so little. it was amazing. well maybe i   am overpraising it but maybe not. i give this a 10/10 read more


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