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Angel (Iou Kuroda)

Angel (Iou Kuroda) Cover Image
  • One Shot
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Angel loves his bicycle and enjoys nothing more than going for long rides in the Spanish countryside. One day, along with two friends, the young man takes a particularly long trip and ends up in a village over a hundred kilometres away! With the place deserted and hunger setting in, the trio are lucky when they meet Maria, who takes them to a friend’s house and feeds them. Enamoured with the young woman, Angel returns a few days later to meet with her again, and ends up making a bet with her cantankerous father. Now if Angel can win the upcoming cycling tournament Maria’s father will allow her to travel to England, but if he loses then both Angel’s bike and his legs will be broken! The only question is, can Angel really triumph over the professional racers and win the Criterium tournament?

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