Angel Densetsu

Vol: 15; Ch: 84
4.426 out of 5 from 859 votes
Rank #160
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Seiichirou Kitano is a naive and kind boy with the heart of an angel and the face of a devil. Upon entering his new school he is presumed to be a villainous heroin addict, and unwittingly becomes the leader of the schools thugs, all thanks to his frightening face.  His new "friends" have great expectations of him, seeing him as a frightful demon. Kitano himself on the other hand, loathes violence and is blissfully unaware of the situation he is in...

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thor123's avatar by thor123 on May 1, 2015
Score: 9/10

This was a very funny manga about Kitano, a boy with a terrifying face but a heart of gold, who transfers to a new school and becomes the number 1 thug, without even realizing it. The story isn't what you'd call great, because there isn't really anything beyond the conflicts you get in each chapter or a couple of chapters. However, it's still interesting to see the interactions of the characters (the most... read more

jholovacs's avatar by jholovacs on Oct 13, 2009
Score: 8/10

Angel Densetsu is pretty darn funny... which is kind of amazing, as there is not a whole lot to make this manga stand out.The art starts off pretty bad.  The mangaka does not get into his stride until about 20-30 chapters into the story.  The plot devices are simplistic and used repeatedly, but in different ways, so it doesn't really get old.  The characters are fairly monolithic, (the fearsome... read more

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