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Android Dilemma

Android Dilemma Cover Image
2.676 out of 5 from 13 votes
Rank #6,747


Teaching android Charlotte has watched over Takaki since he was six years old. Now that he's older, the android can't help but think back on the time they've spent together and wonder about their future – and if they will ever be kept apart...

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Akari OTOKAWA Artist
Akari OTOKAWA Author

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List Title Username Entries Date
Added Characters (Manga) Kari5 314 Jan 15, 2012
Ringosfire rated the Android Dilemma manga 3.5/5 stars
Ringosfire read Android Dilemma at 1 of 1 chapters
amandin won't read Android Dilemma
flamespeedy won't read Android Dilemma
ZKMsphere rated the Android Dilemma manga 0.5/5 stars

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