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Amanchu! Cover Image
  • Vol: 7+; Ch: 33+
  • 2009 - ?
4.113 out of 5 from 68 votes
Rank #1,177


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Kozue AMANO Artist
Kozue AMANO Author

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Neo Venezia, the pride of planet Aqua, is a quaint city filled with canals and easy-going people. Many companies operate their gondolas on the canals, giving tours to tourists and locals alike, but the most famous of them is the Aria Company. Follow the adventures of Aria's young apprentice, Akari, as she learns the tricks of the trade from her beautiful senior, Alicia. Together with her friends Aika and Alice, apprentices of rival companies, and their seniors Akira and Athena, they train their skills as gondoliers, meeting new people and learning new things about the city each day.

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These two works are done by the same mangaka, though they have a general similar feel. The chracter design in both manga are also similar, as well as the frequent use of characters in chibi form. The main characters of each manga, Akari and Pikari, are fairly similar, but have some differences. Dotty and Aika only feel similar in appearance. Both mangas are slice of life and have full chapters dedicated to minimal events. If you find amusement in mundane events (like me), either series will suit you. If you like either work, you'll find that you will likely enjoy the other.