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Amagami: Love Goes On!

Amagami: Love Goes On! Cover Image
  • Vol: 3+; Ch: 15+
  • 2010 - ?
3.745 out of 5 from 96 votes
Rank #2,831


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Manga Relations

Manga Name Year Relation Type More Info
Amagami: Precious Diary 2009 TBD
Amagami: Sincerely Yours 2009 TBD
Amagami - Various Artists 2009 TBD
Amagami: Precious Diary - Kaoru 2010 TBD
Amagami - Close to You 2010 TBD
Amagami - Dreamy Forever 2010 TBD

Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Amagami SS TV 2010 TBD
Amagami SS Special DVD Special 2011 TBD
Amagami SS OVA OVA 2011 TBD
Amagami SS+ TV 2012 TBD
Amagami SS+ Specials DVD Special 2012 TBD
Name Role
Ryuya KAMINO Artist
Ryuya KAMINO Author

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Title Author Score Date
Amagami: Love Goes On! Thrawn 8/10 Sep 1, 2013
Josephina won't read Amagami: Love Goes On!
Keropi stalled Amagami: Love Goes On! at 3 of ? volumes
conny14156 is reading Amagami: Love Goes On! at 3 of ? volumes
skyhigh dropped Amagami: Love Goes On! at 1 of ? volumes
MLWW wants to read Amagami: Love Goes On!

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Not only do they share similar qualities, they are practically the same story.  Frogman and Amagami revolve around swimming.  This boy meets a girl who is the best on the swim team and it is love at first sight.  Then the manga develops further into this one-sided romance as the boy joins the team to be with the girl.  Both of these manga are heavily ecchified.  Lots of bathing suits and soaked women in these two, that is for sure.  If you liked on the other is about the same.