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All Rounder Meguru

All Rounder Meguru Cover Image
  • Vol: 13+; Ch: 122+
  • 2008 - ?
4.053 out of 5 from 91 votes
Rank #1,410


When they were children, Meguru and Takashi were good friends after they met at Takashi’s family dojo, but when Meguru’s grandfather died and he had to move away, their acquaintance was seemingly at an end. Now, seven years later, Meguru is in high school and nervously entering his first mixed martial arts tournament. Much to his shock, his first opponent is none other than Takashi, but when his old friend gives him the cold shoulder then spectacularly defeats him, Meguru is left feeling deflated. Now, with no idea what he wants to do after school, and with a desire to win at least one match, Meguru begins putting everything into training alongside the professionals at his gym. But does he have what it takes to become a great fighter and will he be able to improve enough to finally achieve victory?

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Hiroki ENDO Artist
Hiroki ENDO Author

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  • 2008 - ?

Natsuo Ishidou is an exceptionally tall and naturally talented high school girl. She manages to excel at whatever she tries her hand at, but her constant success without the need for hard work or determination has left her feeling lonely and embittered. That is all set to change, however, when the teen meets perky mixed martial artists Yuzuko and Ringi. After taking an instant dislike to them and becoming jealous of their talents, Natsuo believes that she’s finally found something to which she can - and must - give her all. With two strong rivals to aspire to, are mixed martial arts the one thing that can fill the void in Natsuo’s life once and for all?

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here we have 2 mangas that present a story of young athletes taking their 1st step into not just a sport but a life style, that few can excel at. mixed martial arts. entering into this new world the main characters share a common background in karate but other than that they very different people. including their motivation to fight. what does line up well is the realistic setting and accurate mma terms/knowledge. while ARM drops real brand names in the manga like "Shooto since 1985" and "Pride FC", Teppuu drop parody brand names like, "G-Girl" and "Sub Dhabi". if u like 1 u will like the other.


Both Teppuu and All Rounder Meguru are series that focus on the world of competitive mixed martial arts. If you enjoy manga that focuses on combattive sport combining techniques from different dicsiplines then you will want to check out both of these.



Isamu Take is a child genius who excels in everything he does. Forced by his parents to go to a regular elementary school, Isamu spends his time in boredom, looking down on his peers as nothing more than ungifted garbage; but when he meets Moka Kaname, his dull school life is set to change. The young girl, who has just transferred from Osaka, is a complete boxing nut, a trait that Isamu immediately finds vulgar. However, after an encounter with some delinquents, the arrogant boy discovers that not only is Moka incredibly strong, but she’s also smarter than he is! Now, having fallen in love with his new rival, Isamu needs to find a way to end more time with her, and he’s found the perfect thing: boxing.

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While both of these are somewhat different, they have a similar vibe to them as both focus on competitive fighting sports with a fairly weak protagonist rising through the ranks. While Buyuden focuses on boxing and Meguru on mixed martial arts, if you enjoyed one then it's worth checking out the other.