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Alice Turn Back Clock

Alice Turn Back Clock Cover Image
2.285 out of 5 from 90 votes
Rank #7,242


Iokibe-san awakens at her school desk after having a bizarre dream about a meteor crashing towards the school. Though she shakes it off as being mere fantasy, she’s perplexed to discover that her classmates and environment have changed dramatically! Her classmate Yayoi Usayama has grown bunny ears, the school’s English teacher Isis-sensei is proclaiming herself to be queen, and a cat girl claims to be named Cheshire. What’s going on in this strange reality?

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Shinkai INOUE Artist
Shinkai INOUE Author

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Alice in Underground

Alice in Underground

Fall down the rabbit hole into the underground, imaginary world of Alice. Beautiful boys and girls play the parts of the White Rabbit, Caterpillar and even the Cheshire Cat. But what will happen when the Queen of Hearts shows her face?

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Alice Turn Back Clock and Alice in Underground are two short one shots that revisit the story of Alice in Wonderland. One takes a gothic/loli slant and another an ecchi slant, and I didn't think both were good at all. Regardless, if you liked one try out the other.