Alice in the Country of Hearts

Alt title: Heart no Kuni no Alice


Custom Lists

Favorites of All Timeby dancingcheetah

Manga that I will never forget about, because they are just that good.

Me Likyby Bribri242

Manga I like alot.

Released in Polandby MarcusVanBoBer

List contains titles that are fully translated to Polish (Final vol was released). Titles that just started being released are not included.

Decent Shoujo Mangaby SebasCielStar

These are shoujo manga that I enjoyed. However, I think there are some flaws that prevent the series from being great. This is just my opinion :)

Physically Own - Mangasby Kazaarkat

Mangas I own. Abandoned means I sold the Mangas in hopes to buy the Animes.

Perfect Endings I Wantedby mx3288

There really is nothing like getting the ending you've been hoping for through the whole series. These are some manga where I got exactly what I wanted. I am sooooo happy. In order of most happiness, haha. I really would have tore my hair out if La...