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Akuma na Eros: Virgin Crisis

Akuma na Eros: Virgin Crisis Cover Image
3.393 out of 5 from 522 votes
Rank #4,358

User Stats - Reading

Username Status Vols Ch Rating
Amane99 Reading     not rated
amukid08 Reading 4   not rated
arielifeoma Reading 4   1.5 star rating
Azura Reading 3   5 star rating
chichi Reading     not rated
Chimaka Reading 4   not rated
DarkRedRose Reading 4   not rated
Dreamzr Reading     not rated
Eizashite Reading 1   4 star rating
friendsxfriends Reading   9 not rated
Gabbie Reading     not rated
HateSomebody Reading     3.5 star rating
khlpassion Reading 4   4 star rating
Kimmm Reading   9 not rated
lesathares Reading 3   not rated
lex Reading     not rated
Lisbeth95 Reading   7 3.5 star rating
littlesunshine Reading 3   1 star rating
LLLawliet Reading     not rated
MatsuoShou Reading   1 not rated
Minto Reading     not rated
missmonica Reading     4.5 star rating
Nikkuchan Reading 1   not rated
Nomadichu Reading 4   not rated
pennypale Reading     not rated
razor06 Reading     not rated
redwingangel Reading     not rated
Rince Reading   1 not rated
RumiRumi Reading     not rated
Sakamae Reading   10 not rated
sawada516 Reading 4   4.5 star rating
seredio Reading   13 4 star rating
shayaQs Reading   12 2 star rating
ShiroiOokami Reading     not rated
Snowberry Reading   1 not rated
supmaguire Reading     not rated
sweatpea Reading 4   not rated
ToastyGrim Reading   1 not rated
wayouthere Reading     not rated