Vol: 6; Ch: 30
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Aki lives a charmed life. Popular, beautiful, athletic, and at the top of her class, she rules the school, and at home, her younger brother Sora caters to her every whim. Her younger sister Nami, however doesn't have it so easy. The small-chested and sarcastic girl is in love with her best friend - who has a crush on Nami's twin brother Sora - but her life could be worse: she could be her brother. Slight, feminine, and bullied by his twin, Sora cooks and cleans for the entire family. In addition, he harbors a deep-seated lust for his older sister, Aki. Will Sora get over his fantasies or give in to his desires? Will Nami ever win the heart of her best friend? And what does Aki want out of all of this?

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MikeSinner's avatar by MikeSinner on Apr 26, 2012
Score: 7/10

Where to start....
It's kind of hard to come up with the right things to say, because I did enjoy reading most of it, but there are also quite a lot of things lacking in the story and the characters.
Also, I should warn you about chapter 6. I thought that was the most disturbing one for several reasons that I cannot express without spoilers, so I shall refrain to do so, but I must warn you that even for... read more

kaburagi's avatar by kaburagi on Apr 6, 2012
Score: 9/10

The entire series was finally released on manga fox so i could finally complete it. It is actually a very touching story even though they are blood related they can have a truer form of love that can even transend forbidden lines. I have read it all and watched it all and if your looking for a romance story and can have a broader form of thought not to judge it because of its theme then you will most likely be... read more

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