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Akazukin to, Koisuru Ookami

Akazukin to, Koisuru Ookami Cover Image
4.036 out of 5 from 25 votes
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twix0 rated the Akazukin to, Koisuru Ookami manga 5/5 stars
twix0 read Akazukin to, Koisuru Ookami at 1 of 1 chapters
lisauntie read Akazukin to, Koisuru Ookami at 1 of 1 chapters
ktnina2 rated the Akazukin to, Koisuru Ookami manga 4/5 stars
ktnina2 read Akazukin to, Koisuru Ookami at 1 of 1 chapters

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both manga twist a fairy tale into a fun story. one is about little red riding hood and the other takes a new view on Snow White.