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Akane-chan Overdrive

Akane-chan Overdrive Cover Image
  • Vol: 2; Ch: 10
  • 1999
2.877 out of 5 from 398 votes
Rank #6,319


In present day Japan, Amamiya falls unconscious at a school after slipping on a bottle. Though his soul was temporarily disembodied by the jolt, it was tugged back towards the physical plane soon thereafter... but into the wrong body! Unfortunately for Amamiya, his soul now inhabits the body of a rich, comatose girl named Amane, and his troubles don't end there. Now, Amamiya must not only deal with Amane's lecherous father and the life his host left behind, but also an irresponsible ghost monk who claims to understand Amamiya's new circumstances. The results of Amamiya's situation may have unexpected consequences on his mind, his gender, and even his heart!

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Mizuki KAWASHITA Artist
Mizuki KAWASHITA Author

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List Title Username Entries Date
Non CD Benders q2k2k 56 Mar 4, 2014
test list q2k2k 1 Mar 4, 2014
Reading/read in 2013 Daiki820 25 Dec 31, 2012
undertaker667 won't read Akane-chan Overdrive
TaigaDee dropped Akane-chan Overdrive at 1 of 2 volumes
Makabra1301 read Akane-chan Overdrive at 2 of 2 volumes
HeavenSloth rated the Akane-chan Overdrive manga 3.5/5 stars
HeavenSloth read Akane-chan Overdrive at 2 of 2 volumes

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Akira Uehara is feminine and sensitive, while Nanako Momoi is violent, chaotic and manly; but he has a crush on her anyways. One day Uehara is sent to Momoi's house to bring her some missed homework, and thus his life changes forever. For Momoi's grandfather needs someone to test out on his new invention, and since Uehara has arrived, he decides to use him instead of Momoi! However, by accident, Momoi's grandfather activates the machine when both teens are still inside. No one is hurt, but there's one unfortunate side effect: they've switched bodies!


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A boy suddenly finding himself in the body of a girl and the hilarity that ensues is a major premise for these two series. Each also has the main characters deal with some thought-provoking orientation issues, but Boku to Kanojo no xxx (My Barbaric Girl Friend) is much longer and develops the situation a lot further than Akane Overdrive.