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Akahime Ranshin

Akahime Ranshin Cover Image
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Erika Akagi teaches classical literature at a high school. While she has many students, one in particular has caught her eye: the feminine Usami Rento. He's a famous kabuki actor who excels at playing female roles and carries the scent of perfume on his clothing, much to Erika's interest. Curious about this charismatic young man, Erika finds herself slowly being drawn to him as more than just a student...

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Nobuyo YAMAMOTO Artist
Nobuyo YAMAMOTO Author

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Hana to Yume rosethorn999 121 Apr 18, 2014
One Shot I've read punkypoison 82 Apr 15, 2011
THE MANGA GAME Whassuppeeps 50 Jul 29, 2010
Minenorin read Akahime Ranshin at 1 of 1 chapters
LisaSmarties read Akahime Ranshin at 1 of 1 chapters
xHarukax read Akahime Ranshin at 1 of 1 chapters
xHarukax read Akahime Ranshin at 1 of 1 chapters
xHarukax read Akahime Ranshin at 1 of 1 chapters

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Backstage Prince

Backstage Prince

Akari has no interest in Kabuki Theatre, but suddenly she finds herself as the assistant of seventeen-year-old Ryusei Horiuchi, a famous young kabuki actor. He's gloriously handsome yet socially awkward, and performs under the stage name of Shonosuke Ichimura. Akari and Ryusei's relationship is difficult at the beginning, but eventually the two find themselves falling in love. What challenges will Akari and Ryusei face as they try to maintain their relationship against all odds?


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With the Usami Rento and Ryusei Horiuchi being well known kabuki actors it's tough for them to live an average everyday life. Not to mention that the girls they like happen to have almost no interest in the Kabuki Theatre.


A little insight into Kabuki theater and a lot into romance... Both these stories follow a young Kabuki actor and his love interest. Though their personalities are nothing alike the stories are equally enjoyable.