Akagami no Shirayukihime

Alt title: Snow White with the Red Hair


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awesome manga <3by Jokoono

A list of manga's that I love so much I could reread it a thousand times. Not in order. There are even manga that aren't finished yet so when I am impatiant ( as always) and can't wait for new chapters I just start again from the beginning ;p

Unlicensed [in English]by glassblower45

Good, great, and awesome titles I like that are not licensed for English publications currently. I came across and read these titles thanks to fan-translations uploaded online, called scantilations. Kind of like a wish-list for titles I would love...

Best Artworkby ViolaPetrichor

This is me at my strictest. Honestly, I like the artwork of everything I've read. It's half of the reason I choose to read anything. It's the primary means of portraying the story and the characters' emotion. I say "best," but this is really just my...

My Favorite Mangaby Warriorprincess114

A list of my favorite manga in order.

Slice of Life Wonders ~ Manga Editionby ViolaPetrichor

Slice of Life Recommendations. Mostly Shoujo, but some Shounen included. Not all of these are tagged or listed in the slice of life genre, but they include elements of the genre. Things that usually draw me to slice of life are the easy-going pace...

mY FEELS > mangaby kimikiwi

my feels + my fangirling = seal with asthma

Unlicensed Source Material and Print Adaptations To Licenced Anime and Video Games.by AnnaSartin

A list of unlicensed manga and light novels that are the source material or direct adaptations of anime and video games licensed for an English-speaking audience.