Akagami no Shirayukihime

Vol: 11+; Ch: 57+
2007 - ?
4.264 out of 5 from 460 votes
Rank #687
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Shirayuki is a spunky pharmacist with bright, apple-red hair unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Even the prince of the kingdom she lives in is entranced by her locks, and demands that she become his concubine. Not wanting to be viewed as an object prized purely for its novelty, Shirayuki flees civilization and heads towards the forest. Here, the girl meets the charming Zen, who rescues her from Prince Raji's clutches and reveals that he is a prince as well. The two become close friends, and Shirayuki decides to return to Zen's castle with him, to pursue her dreams. But becoming a palace pharmacist isn't easy, especially since her unusual hair color and close relationship with the prince tend to draw unwanted attention...

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