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In the world of martial arts there's one name that strikes fear in the hearts of others: Kunitoshi. As a child, the boy took down expert opponents young and old, but as a result of his abnormal abilities he was unfamiliar with hardships. Therefore his father decided to put limiters on Kunitoshi's body, sapping him of half his original strength. But even with his handicap, Kunitoshi is highly sought after by both his classmates and teachers alike, who are eager to be trained by such a skilled fighter. Alongside busty companions such as Rin, Hou Mei and Akemi, Kunitoshi will battle countless enemies while trying to find a way to remove his body's limiters.

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Aiki-S 2013 Sequel
Name Role
Isutoshi Artist
Isutoshi Author

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Total zamzamation 124 Nov 12, 2013
my top fav manga list Promet 16 Sep 6, 2013
Goodluck Mr Wong Gisor 167 Jun 7, 2013
Minenorin stalled Aiki at 14 of 14 volumes
bokuwakirada read Aiki at 14 of 14 volumes
bigfreddy wants to read Aiki
OneWingedSin rated the Aiki manga 3/5 stars
Capukee wants to read Aiki

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Dragons Rioting

Dragons Rioting

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They both contain beautiful martial arts women and over the top action and moves, while their main characters couldn't be more different. One is a legendary martial arts genius who can't keep his perversion in check, while the other strived to become a martial arts genius to keep his perversion in check. The humor and martial arts mayhem are both high along with the variety of characters(a bunch of random nut jobs)

The Breaker

The Breaker

Shi-Woon is desperate. He's constantly bullied and getting beat up at school by a gang of thugs, and is on the verge of suicide. Sick of being weak and helpless, the boy turns to the only person he knows who can help: Chun-Woo, a powerful martial artist and also his new teacher.  But Chun-Woo won't take Shi-Woon under his wing so easily, and little does the teenager know about how his would-be mentor acquired his fighting talents...

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It's all about the Masters of Martial Arts.  Aiki and The Breaker, which sounds funny, are centered on perverted hilarious martial arts masters.  These two protagonists become teachers for a school and make fools out of themselves.  Most of the time they act childish, but they also have a serious side.   Both our main characters take on disciples who are put into brutal fights.  Each of the protagonists is constantly threatened by a deadly organization that is out to obtain their martial art secrets.  With funny moments and badass action moments, if you read one then you shouldn’t pass up the other manga.